Green Cleaning

Go To provides high quality commercial janitorial services at economical rates.

What is Green Cleaning?

The “GREEN” cleaning philosophy is simply an approach that utilizes equipment, products, chemicals, and practices that have a lesser impact on the environment than more conventional alternatives. Nowadays there are independent organizations, such as the US green Building Council that offer independent guidelines and certifications for what it means to be “green.”

How Does Green Cleaning Impact the Environment?

  • Improve indoor air quality via the use of HEPA filters, equipment fitted with dust capture systems, and floor matting designed to trap pollutants before they enter a facility.
  • Decrease the impact on the water systems via use of GREEN chemicals.
  • Decrease landfill impact via use of condensed packaging, post consumer waste products, washable Micro-Fiber cleaning media, and by participating in robust recycling programs.
  • Decrease energy consumption via use of non-motorized equipment, energy star rated equipment, and/or by reducing after hours energy consumption through Alternative Cleaning Procedures.
  • Create a healthier workplace for YOU!

Green Cleaning Components

A complete “Green Cleaning” program goes far beyond simply using “green” chemicals and can include all of the following:

  • Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) outlining the program.
    Use of equipment that meets certain GREEN guidelines.
  • Use of chemicals and products that meet certain GREEN guidelines.
  • Implementation of practices for the safe storage and handling of chemicals.
  • Training for workers in the requirements of “GREEN” practices including safe chemical handling.
  • Promotion of good hand hygiene including the use of waterless sanitizers.
  • Occupant feedback and ongoing review for continuous improvement.

Green cleaning represents a responsible perspective on the sustainability of our environment, and is gaining wide recognition as a best industry practice in the field of custodial services. Go To Commercial Cleaning Services is committed to pursuing a green cleaning approach companywide through the utilization and promotion of the green cleaning philosophy.

Go To provides high quality commercial janitorial services at economical rates.